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This one is going to be about wildlife.

After coming across my elephant photo from the last post, I feel like going through more of that kind of shot. I spent 10 years in East Africa and had the privilege to visit some of the most beautiful parts of the world while I was there. I also got to see an incredible variety of beautiful and fascinating wildlife.

Let’s get started.


Zambian Zebras

We were visiting Victoria Falls and the surrounding areas and stayed at a hotel that happened to have a herd of zebras walk through the grounds at one point. Zebras have long been among my favourite animals for a few reasons, but the main one is aesthetic: I adore the elegance of their stripes. They remind me of really careful brush strokes. Baby zebras are also ridiculously cute, with their brownish fluff. You can buy a print of this shot here.

great egret

Great Egret

I love how elegant this bird looks.

There’s something about the wisps of feathers at the back, the curve in its neck, the point of its beak, and the pose of its legs that strikes me as… almost regal? I’m pretty certain this image was taken in the evening, on the day we arrived in the Selous Game Reserve.

The Selous is probably my favourite place to view wildlife in Tanzania. It feels like the animals in the Selous are less accustomed to human contact.

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awkward great egret

Somewhat Less Regal

I couldn’t resist.

black headed weaver nests

Black-headed Weaver Nests

I love the weaver bird nests. It’s really interesting to watch the birds fiddle with the grasses and branches they use to build their homes, and it’s pretty fun to come across these little balls, hanging from a tree.

black headed weaver bird

Little Architect

As I described above, it’s pretty fun to watch the birds working on their nests. Here you can see one with a piece of grass held in its beak, getting ready to work.

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